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01 December 2012 @ 06:27 pm
pimping this community because i just think it really deserves it! :)

iconmusing is a community geared towards keeping you inspired to make icons. feel free to visit us and contribute what inspires you!
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also, i'm thinking about posting one more batch as a year-end special. any requests? ♥
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25 August 2012 @ 02:43 am
Back from the dead 'cause ~inspiration~ and free time just happened to meet each other! This is a small and almost one-fandom-only sort of batch though, and some of these are pretty old, so meh. I was going to icon others, but inspiration left too soon. Will try to next time, then! :)

By the way: the community is now called xxxcape, and probably will be renamed again. Idk idk.
43 icons: SNSD, EXO, f(x)

This entry won't be locked! ♥

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'til next time, guys!
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HI GUYS, I'M STILL ALIVE. AND I'M SO SORRY. xxxcape went on a looong hiatus without me even noticing, but you can blame it on my lame computer which recently decided to act up and restrain me from doing pretty much anything graphic-related. and then there was all the college stuff and personal life... but anyways, i'm not leaving my community any soon! so, even if it's taking a while to update it (and i'm definitely going to try to work on that), it's going to be updated sooner of later~ :)
okay, so it's december already and i would like to take this moment to thank you all for all the support and all the love you've gave to my work so far ♡ you guys definitely deserve much better stuff, but i'll always try to do my best (even though my best is not good at all but anyway) to give to you. ♥ you are all amazing. i hope you have a wonderful beautiful christmas and an unforgettable 2012! see you all there~

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